Grunt Files TV - Season 1

Grunt Files TV - Season 1

9 Episodes

Grunt Files Television, they said it would never happen…
They said ‘You’ll never see tough cars on television…’
Guess what… They were wrong!

Grunt Files is the only show on the box that is dedicated to the culture of fast, tough cars – and it’s Australian, too!

And inside this box, you’ll find the whole first season of Grunt Files Television; nine episodes on a four-disc set… Talk about a head-rush!

There’s more of everything you’ve come to expect from Grunt Files – more blowers, more donuts, more burnouts, more drags.

Then there’s the tech-tips and tool-tests, the feature cars and stars, showcars and ferals, interviews and carnage!

Every single episode is jam-packed with tyre-smashing action from start to end, so be warned – watching Grunt Files is addictive.

Grunt Files. ‘Just because we love V8’s…’

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Grunt Files TV - Season 1